Millennials must be tech-savvy, smart, and sassy. However, one thing they lack is the wisdom of dating. A good face isn’t enough to get a good date! Also, you need to have some impressive qualities to get the best date. Therefore, here are some pro dating tips for Millenials like you that can be helpful for your next date-

Dating tips for Millenials

Dating tips for Millenials

Start your chat creatively:

If you are still starting your conversation with ‘’Hi’’or ‘’hello’’, you need to go back to ice age! Start your conversation in an innovative way without sounding desperate, creepy, or getting too personal. Always maintain a respectful tone and never try to show your date that you are trying too hard on her/ him.

Feel free to break the gender rules:

Women please note-just because you are a woman, your date DOES NOT need to bring flowers for you and pay the bill. Men, please note- just because you are a man your date, DOES NOT need to have that perfect skin and body. Break the stereotype, take flowers for him, and let her drive. Let your date know you are a person who lives above all stereotypes and you don’t need anything more to rock your first impression.

Carry your confidence when you go out on date!

Carry your confidence when you go out on the date!

Do not forget to wear your confidence:

This is one of the most important dating tips for Millenials. No matter it is your first time or your third time you need to be confident whenever you go for a date. Tell yourself you are perfect just the way you are and leave your shyness at home. Apart from impressing your date confidence also, boosts self-worth.

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Be a telegram in the world of Instagram:

If you are an old soul in the modern world then do not be afraid to show that. Instead of spending nights chatting on messenger and Whatsapp make plans to hang out together. Meet each other at a place of your choice, have coffee, go for a long drive, hold hands, go for a candlelight dinner look into each other eyes…anything more for a perfect date?

Tips for dating like a pro!

Follow tips for dating like a pro!

Say no to pre-judging:

In order to know how and what the person really is you need to meet him/her personally and spend time with him/her. You cannot predict a person’s qualities through his photos or FB/Insta bio’s or likes and dislikes. Never pre-judge your date; it is always not the way you think it is.

Ask relevant questions:

Instead of wasting your time discussing your favorite football team or asking each other how many ex’s you had, ask each other the right questions. Ask questions, which will give you an idea of whether your date is your perfect match or not. Questions on lifestyle and habits, future plans, role models, etc., help you to know a lot about a person.

Choose wisely:

Always remember your soul mate will necessarily not relate to the man/woman of your dreams. Everybody has imperfections and you need to accept them. Choose your date wisely because you never know he/she can be your future life partner. Also, just do not date for the sake of getting into a relationship, be meticulous, and meet different people unless you get your right match.

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Keep checking on each other:

A relation cannot survive without your time, attention, and efforts. Hence, another one of the important dating tips for Millenials is to keep checking on each other. Meet each other at least once a week. Send good morning and good night texts, comment on each other’s pictures, and take time to appreciate each other.