The perspective about spirituality may differ from person to person; some may relate it to science, inner peace, health, etc., however, it is a much broader concept. It is a process of interconnectedness and connecting with the universe, which is why spirituality is the need of the hour. Depending upon personal experiences, purposes, and lifestyle every individual may have their own definition of spirituality.


Spirituality is the need of the hour

Why is spirituality important?

 It is a fact that increasing competition and money-minded thinking today people have forgotten to concentrate on their mental health. Due to this, there is a rise in depression and other mental conditions. Spirituality gives you clarity in life, heals your mind and body, boosts mental health, and touches other important parameters of life thus, leading you towards a healthy and balanced life. Spirituality can be gained through meditation, yoga, prayer, journaling, etc. The reason why spirituality is the need of the hour can be explained through the following points:

Spirituality leads you towards making healthier choices:

Spiritual practices such as prayers, yoga have their ancient ethics/rules of avoiding smoking, drinking, or not engaging in any violent activities. Spiritual practices help you to connect deeply with yourself and nature and treat both of them with the utmost care. Due to all this, you tend to make healthier choices once you gain a certain level of spirituality.

Spirituality may increase your life expectancy:

Due to modernization and various other lifestyle patterns, the average life expectancy of humans is moving down. Spirituality not only gives you mental peace but also inculcates healthier habits within you. Moreover, it teaches you how to value your food and other elements of nature. Spirituality leads you towards a healthy lifestyle, which in the long run may add on to the number of years you live.

Spirituality teaches you the art of forgiveness:

Holding anger, jealousy, and grudges in mind for a long time can negatively affect your physical and mental health. Spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Christianity reflect the practice of forgiveness. In addition, yoga and meditation are a great way to bring down or vanish the feeling of anger or any other negative feeling.

Spirituality gives you the power to overcome hardships:

A strong spiritual outlook and a healthy mind help to find the true meaning of life. Spirituality gives you clarity in life and helps you to find the true purpose of life and achieve it no matter how many hardships you face. Moreover, interconnectedness gained through spirituality can help you get over the pain you experience from difficult situations.

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