Aging Effect and Prevention

Aging Effect and Prevention

Ageing is the natural process and when you grow old every part of your body is affected. With age, blood vessel walls tend to stiffen up, the process of cell division and replacement and various other systems of body that continues throughout life slows down, joints and muscles lose flexibility, bones become weak, and a progressive deterioration of all body begins which increases the risk of many other diseases. Decline with age in health is inevitable but you can slow down the negative effects of ageing by avoiding outside factors and changing lifestyle.

There are people who live normal life beyond the age of 75-80 years. You can also forestall the negative effect of aging by taking following precautions:

1. Avoid smoking

2. Reduce the intake of alcohol

3. Avoid intake of red meat

4. Avoid the high-glycemic foods such as potato

5. Save yourself from excessive exposure to sun rays

6. Avoiding spicy and oily food

Changes in lifestyle and food habits will rejuvenate your body. You can reduce the negative effects of aging and keep yourself fit by enhancing the body antioxidants through balanced diet.

Take following steps to keep your mind and body fit: –

1. Drink lot of water in the morning

2. Do regular exercises like asanas, pranayam and brisk walking for at least 30 minutes for six days a week.

3. Do meditation to keep the positive mindset.

4. Eat variety of fruits and vegetables. Take whole-grains meals, legumes and low fat milk products in daily diet.

5. Avoid nasty arguments.

6. Manage the stress and avoid unnecessary physical and mental strain.

7. Take enough sleep say 6-7 hours.

8. Keep your weight within limits.

9. Take lemon and honey in daily diet for softening of blood vessel walls.

10. Keep busy by doing some constructive work, helping others and playing with kids.

Change in life style, food habits and regular exercise will definitely slow down the aging effect and keep you fit. In case if you are worried about the risk of age-related disease, above mentioned precautions and steps for rejuvenating will give relief. Diet supplement can also be used to fight the effect of aging.

Green leafy vaggie

Swiss chard: This green leafy veggie is full of carotenoids that protect the eyes against the effects of ageing.