God has created the universe and human beings are the part of it.  We are God’s creations like all the living beings on earth. Thankfully, that Superpower gave us intellect and power of reasoning over others. Our mental growth allowed us to make families, homes, languages, regions, religions, and spirituality.

Now, when Almighty blessed us with the bounty of his beautiful nature with so much for us to eat, drink, breathe, and live in happiness, then why we should not be thankful to him? He always makes us aware of his existence through all his creations, for which we should eternally remain grateful. To express our gratitude, prayer is the best form to show our feelings.


Prayer with gratitude

Prayer vs. Gratitude

Prayer means complete surrender, humble submission to his blessings and powers. Gratitude is our feeling that we acknowledge for his goodness we experience in our day to day lives. When we surrender to him through our prayers with gratitude, we do countless wonderful things for ourselves.

Laws of Creator

There are certain laws in all the holy books across various religions. Such as, ‘Honor your parents, do not murder, never commit adultery, never steal, never lie, etc. In our prayers, we display our gratitude that we are away from these traits. However, the laws that are equally important in today’s context are different.

Significance of Praying With Gratitude

Our prayers will have more healing powers and compassion when we do not tamper with God’s creation of nature. Look at all the calamities and global warming today.

Our prayers should have more gratitude for God’s goodness in his creation of the universe and the laws he set for every entity like time for sunrise, sunset and weather patterns, etc. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle is not in tandem with these laws. This is why we are facing more and more of health disorders. When we start respecting those laws and fill our prayers for our gratitude for him, we could achieve more healing powers through praying.

Ego is opposite to the Gratitude and it’s a false notion of a person who attributes himself for all his doings. Praying and showing gratitude to the Almighty reduces his ego to a large extent. More often, the people give credit to them for achieving what they sought from God in prayers.

When you pray with all the gratitude for the almighty, there are so many unanswered questions about yourself start delivering the answers.

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