Cleaner, smoother beautiful feet are an important part of one’s personality. No wonder pedicures are one of the most popular services at most beauty salons. However, it might not be feasible to hit the salon every 15 days. With busy work schedules, duties at home, kids, and cooking, pampering feet may be the last thing on your mind.

Importance of Pedicure at Home

Feet tend to go through a lot. Regular walking, sun exposure, weather conditions, and inadequate skin care can take a toll over the appearance of feet. Moreover, hiring an expert or visiting a salon is not feasible all the time. But that does not mean, your feet cannot sparkle or get pampered.


A DIY pedicure will save time and ensure you have smoother, well-maintained beautiful feet. With requisite products at hand, you can easily give yourself a pedicure at home like a pro.

5 Tips for Pedicure at Home like a Pro

Here are 5 pro tips to make your DIY pedicure a success:

1. Keep All Tools Handy

A professional-level pedicure at home requires having all requisite tools at hand. High-quality tools will make sure you have a good at-home pedicure kit. You will need the following tools:

– Foot file

– Nail file

– Nourishing foot cream

– Nail clippers

Exfoliating scrub

– Cuticle oil

– Nail polish remover

– Basecoat

– Nail polish

– Topcoat

– Nail buffing block

Essential oil


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2. Prep Nails

Give the process a clean slate by getting rid of the remnants on nails. Remove nail polish and rub cuticle oil on nails to lighten any residue and nourish. Shape the nails and file them.

3. Soak, Soften and Exfoliate

Soak your toes and feet into a tub filled with warm water, mild shampoo, a few drops of essential oil, and sea salt. Allow the feet to soak for at least 10-12 minutes. It is time to get rid of dead skin. Thereafter, pat your feet dry and rub foot file on and under feet lightly. Additionally, give special emphasis on heels and calloused hard areas under the feet. Keep scraping until the feet feel smooth.

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4. Trim and Shape Toenails

Once the feet are exfoliated and smooth, it is time to shape toenails. Using nail clippers, give the desired shape to toenails by trimming and cutting them. Use a nail file and shape the corners of toenails and edges to give a smoother look. Take ample time to complete this step properly. The nails should be even and smooth.

5. Massage and Paint

Apply a nourishing foot cream on feet liberally and start massaging toes, feet, and calves. Keep massaging until you feel relaxed. Rub little alcohol on nails to clean the surface of toenails and remove any traces of moisture.

Now, apply a single layer of the base coat that protects nails from polish. Now, paint the nails with your favorite color. Apply at least two coats to get the desired effect. Finish with a shiny topcoat. This will protect the paint from chipping off and adds to the shine.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you get beautiful feet with a pedicure at home. A regular at-home pedicure is a key to maintain smoother attractive feet.