Most of you must be aware of the benefits that Vitamin C has for the body. Be it repairing skin and bone tissues or boosting immunity, vitamin C plays a pivotal role. However, it is not synthesized in our body and hence, it is quite important to know about the various sources of vitamin C that one can consume.

While you must be aware of the common sources like citrus fruits, etc., they are not enough. People are searching for other powerful sources of vitamin C due to the current pandemic situation. This is the need of the hour as boosting your immunity is one of the most effective ways of avoiding COVID-19.

Why do you need to consume vitamin C regularly?

As already mentioned above, vitamin C is neither naturally synthesized nor stored in the human body. Because of this, it becomes really important to consume vitamin C rich foods regularly to avoid deficiency. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to problems like scurvy, scaling skin, and decreased immunity.

Moreover, Vitamin C boosts immunity, supports the absorption of iron, protects heart health, improves eye health, and tackles prenatal health problems. That makes Vitamin C extremely essential for the body.

What are the most important sources of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is available in small quantities in almost all fruits and vegetables. However, to fulfill the daily requirement, below are the 7 powerful sources of vitamin C that one can regularly consume:

Citrus Fruits

Fruits like oranges and lemons have a high amount of vitamin C. These fruits also have many other health benefits like antioxidant properties. You can consume these daily in the form of juices or directly as fruit as it is easily available throughout the year.

Citrus fruit



Guava is the best source of vitamin C. It has more amount per serving than any other source. It is also easily available and can be consumed daily. However, do not consume too much guava at a time as it can interfere with your digestion.



Jamun is a fruit with many health benefits. Apart from being good for diabetes, skin, and eyes, Jamun also has abundant amounts of Vitamin C. Hence, you should definitely include this fruit in your regular diet as it will help you in more than one way.


The berries

The family of berries is another powerful source. Out of the lot, strawberries have the highest content while others like raspberries, blueberries, etc. typically have 30-40% of the required daily value. You can either consume them directly or add them to shakes, smoothies, etc. to add flavor.



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Tomato and its juice is another vital source of vitamin C. It is a staple vegetable that is abundantly available. While it is present in most of the dishes, consuming it raw provides more nutrients to the body. You can include it in your daily salad to extract the maximum value.



This is the second most powerful source after guava. Consuming a cup of kiwi everyday can give you more vitamin C than you need. However, do not over consume as an excess of anything is bad for the body.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can be used in a variety of dishes. Apart from providing color and flavor to the dish, they also provide a high dose of vitamin C.

You can also consume vitamin C through many fortified foods. But, you should try to consume natural sources.

Well, that’s it. Incorporate these 7 powerful sources of vitamin C in your daily diet and stay healthy and glowing!


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