7 Step to Make Your Eyes Sparkle

Eyes Sparkle

Eye makeup requires patience and time. Each step has to be followed with precision to make your eyes sparkle.

Eyes Sparkle

Here is the summary of the steps to follow:

1. Use a base to prepare your eyes and skin area.

2. Apply a neutral shade of eye shadow from lash to brow.

3. Then pick a medium-toned eye shadow and apply it in the crease and work it up to the brow bone. Clean finishing is important.

4. Now, apply the darker eye shadow of the same color on the outer corner of the eyelids. For a more dramatic look apply some shimmery shadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

5. Apply some eyeliner on the upper lid. A black gel eyeliner adds depth to the eyes.

6. Apply mascara on the upper eyelashes till the outer corners of the eyes. You may experiment with the different colors of the mascara for an interesting look.

7. Blue mascara would suit blue eyes while gray charcoal or brown color would suit brown eyes.

An important point is to have wrinkle-free and healthy skin around your eyes. Try to achieve young-looking eyes and skin to look attractive.

Precaution and important tips for eye care:

Use tea bags or cucumber slices to soothe your eyes and skin around your eyes.

tea bags on eyes

You may also splash water on your eyes frequently to provide comfort to your tired eyes.

If you work continuously on the computer then try some eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy. It would also help to relieve the stressed-out muscles of your face. Flutter your eyes for few seconds after every half an hour.

Beautiful looking eyes are now possible with all these tips. For more updates on beautiful eyes, keep checking out this page!