Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss

There was a time when hair loss was considered to be a permanent situation and people couldn’t get rid of it. Today, it is a completely different scenario and there are various techniques available that can treat and prevent hair loss. Though, in this mayhem of available ways of treatment what you have forgotten is that there are several home remedies to prevent hair loss.

Firstly, you need to know the chief causes of hair loss which are:

  1. Too much or excessive brushing or combing of hair
  2. Stress
  3. Wearing a hat excessively
  4. Hereditary factor

These are some of the best and most effective home remedies to prevent hair loss:

1. For the prevention of hair loss, you need to be very careful about what you eat and you should be well aware of some nutrition that should be surely a part of your diet. Eat food which is rich in carotene, protein, silica, iron, fatty acids, vitamin B, C, and E.

2. Regular exercise is also very much needed because it ensures the proper amount of blood flow to your scalp and follicles.

3. Hibiscus has rejuvenating properties, which makes it a great remedy to prevent hair loss. All you need to do is to crush a few flowers and mix it with sesame oil to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp and leave it for about an hour and then you can rinse it with a shampoo.


4. As a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, gooseberry can be a great solution in preventing hair loss. Either you can squeeze some of its juice or you can use its powder, which you can mix with an equal volume of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it so that it is dried up. Then you can rinse your hair.

5. The importance of sulfur in maintaining the health of hair is well known and egg is a good source of it, while it also contains iodine, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. Take the white part of an egg and mix it with some olive oil. Then you need to beat this mixture for some time so that it acquires the consistency like paste. Apply this paste to your hair, let it stay for almost twenty minutes and then you can rinse your hair with shampoo to prevent hair loss.

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Hair Care Tips for Rainy Season

You need to pay extra attention to your hair with the change of season. Rainy season brings humid atmosphere but extra humidity can be disastrous to your hairs. During monsoon, season hair attracts more dust, grime and other pollutants that may stick to chemicals used in the products, applied for hair treatment, may contribute to tangling and knotting of hair. Excess humidity decreases the shine of hairs and weakens hair follicles that may lead to an increase in breaking of hairs. Hair absorbs the moisture contents from the atmosphere that nullify the effect of any chemical treatment or product used on the hair. To protect the hairs from monsoon related problems and keep your hair problem to a minimum you should follow hair care tips for rainy given here.


Limit the washing of hairs 2-3 times a week as everyday washing of hair in the rainy season may exaggerate the problem. Conditioning of hair is also very important. Use natural hair conditioner instead of using chemical-based products for conditioning of hair. Avocados are excellent hair conditioner. Apply mesh avocado into your hair and scalp, leave it for about half an hour and rinse out. Thereafter you can wash your hair with your regular shampoo; you will feel the positive difference in your hair.


Keep your hair dry

Try to keep your hair dry as long as possible as during monsoon you lose more hairs in comparison with other seasons. Dry hair helps to prevent many hair related issues like dandruff and excessive hair loss. Pat your hair dry and do not use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Avoid combing and tying wet hair. To comb the hair using a wide toothbrush and avoid using a comb as combing hair with a comb in the rainy season may result in split end and breakage.

Protect your hair from moisture

During monsoon season due to the high level of humidity excessive moisture contents affect your hair even if you remain indoors. Curly, fine and wavy hair tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Moisture in hair may lead to fizzy strands in case of wavy or curly hairs and falling of fine or thin hair. To save your hair from these problem use humidity protective gel before styling as these gel will help in preventing moisture to get into hair. Cut your hair short because managing of long, unruly hair in monsoon becomes harder

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Conditioning of hairs

Due to the high level of humidity in the hair in rainy season hair become coarse and dry that may make your hair frizzy. Regular conditioning of hair may help you to get rid of this problem. It is also very important to take proper protein-rich diet, plenty of vegetable and fruits. Massaging of hair once in a week can be of much help.

Hair Care in Rainy Season

Avoid hair treatment and new products

Avoid chemical treatment and permanent straightening of hairs or force your hair into style. For example, does not force curly hair to straighten or fine hair to make them curl as in this season moisture absorbed by your hair will make it revert back to its natural texture but in the process, you may lose extra strands and your efforts will be in vain. Experimenting with new products may cause damage to hair so avoid it. Using cream-based or similar products to deal with fizzy hair may also make your hair look greasy or sticky due absorbing of moisture contents by your hairs. It is better to use alcohol-based gel or creams to get the benefit of the drying effect of these products on hair.

Above mentioned hair care tips for rainy season will protect your hairs from all monsoon related problems.

Easy Hairstyles for the Rainy Season

Bad hair days are a common worry for every girl during monsoon. Whether you are going to work or just catching up with old school friends, you need to look at your best and hairstyles do make most of your appearance. So, are you looking for new hairstyles for the rainy season

Here, a list of some new, easy, and trendy hairstyles for the rainy season for women who are finding it difficult to look gorgeous on those lazy rainy mornings,

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Pin-it-up Bun


Feel sassy with a slightly different undone summer updo. Make a little ponytail and then twist it into a bun. You need to leave a few strands here and there to make it look a little messy. After this, you need to secure the bun with little bobby pins. For a neater look, take a clean toothbrush, use some hair spray on it, and settle down the flyways.

Loose Waves

Loose-Waves hairstyle for rainy season

Most of the women face the problem of frizzy hair during monsoon months. Therefore, if your hair has a tendency of being frizzy, keeping them straight would be of no use no matter how hard you try. Instead of trying many products on your hair during monsoon, just go for some cool loose and messy waves. This will definitely make your hair look stylishly cute without looking too frizzy.

Half-Up Braided Crown


This easy braid is an apt way to jazz up your rainy day waves. All you need to do is part your hair down the middle, take a section of your hair, and braid it loose on the top and tight on the edges. You need to repeat the same on the other side and then cross the first braid behind your head so that the braid swoops down to the nape of your neck and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Fishtail Braid


This is definitely the best go-to hairstyle on those never-ending rainy days when you love everything but hate too. It is very stylish yet sophisticated for work or going out on a date. It merely takes two minutes to do and can be easy when even your hair is wet.

Messy Pony


Make a ponytail and make it a bit messy by teasing it from here and there. You can make your pony look a bit more laid back if you dress according to given makeup tips for the rainy season.

The Voluminous Bun

The-Voluminous-Bun hairstyle for rainy season

This hairdo will make you look fabulous. You can part hair on one side and tease all over the root to create a good volume. Pull hair loosely into a low ponytail. If you have short hair out of the elastic at the central area, then twist hair in ponytail into a bun and securing it with bobby pins.

Asymmetrical Trendy Bob


The rainy days are perfect for balanced hairstyles. This asymmetrical bob with one side shorter than the other, then you can create a good asymmetrical trendy hairdo. For this, you need to create a super-deep side part and slick the hair over to one side by using a texturizing gel to styling wax.

Learn How to Blow Dry Your Hair Perfectly

Get beautiful and bouncy hair at home in simple steps.

Blow-drying your hair gives them a shiny, soft and bouncy look and makes you feel confident about yourself. Salon-style blow-drying is definitely unbeatable but you can blow dry your hair on your own if you have some extra time. Learn how to blow dry your hair perfectly.

Blow-dry your hair as per the correct method.

Method to blow dry your hair

1. Shampoo your hair:

Thoroughly wash your hair with your regular shampoo and ensure that all the residue of shampoo is washed off. Shampoo remains can irritate your scalp during and post blow-drying and it can lead to hair damage.

2. Apply moisturizing shampoo:

Blow-drying dries your hair completely and absorbs all the natural oil from your scalp. This can severely damage your hair. In order to protect from such damage, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing shampoo prior to blow-drying.

3. Pat dry your hair:

If your hair is too wet, blow-drying will consume a lot of time. Hence you need to towel dry your hair properly. All you need to do is roll your hair in a towel and leave for ten minutes. The towel will soak all the moisture and your hair is ready for blow-drying!

4. Applying a protective coating:

The external environmental factors like too much heat or moisture can affect your hair to a great extent. Hence, to maintain your blow-dry hair for a long time apply good/branded styling lotion, spray, gel, etc., prior to the session.


Prepare your hair for blow-drying.
5. Prepare your hair for blow-drying:

With the help of your fingers or hairbrush divide your hair into sections, as it eases the process of hair drying. You can use small clips to hold your hair sections and move from one section to another.

6. Start blow-drying:

Place the blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair. Ensure that no excess heat is passed to the tresses. Always blow-dry your hair in a downward position as doing it in an upward position may damage your hair. Do not blow-dry in the same position for too long. Keep moving the dryer and repeat the steps for both the sections of your hair.

Grow your hair faster and longer.

7. Shaping your hair:

Once your hair is completely dry, with the help of a paddle brush comb your hair and shape it as per your choice. Give a final touch to your hair by spraying a shine spray or hair serum from the mid-line of your hair to the bottom. 

Precautions before you blow-dry

1. The wetness of hair:

Before blow-drying, see to it that your hair is proper towel-dried and no water is dripping from it. Excessive water will cause more hair stretching, hair breakage and take too long for drying. In addition, it will not absorb any leave-in conditioners or hair protectors easily.

Use a good quality hair dryer to blow dry your hair!
2. Check the quality of blow dryer, brushes and hair products:

Even if you follow all the steps correctly, it will all go in vain if you do not have the right products. Make sure your hairdryer is in good condition. Your hairbrushes are not worn out and the styling products you use are safe and suitable for your hair type.

3. Adding a protective layer:

Always apply a moisturizing cream/gel or mousse to your hair to protect from excess heat/dryness and other environmental factors.

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