What Do Your Hair and Scalp Say About Your Health?


The thinning hairline, dandruff, dryness, and other concerns related to hair have become common nowadays. Along with this, we are constantly experimenting with new brands for hair to improve texture, hair colour, and hairstyle. However, what we fail to realize is the fact that the condition of your hair and scalp is actually an indication of the underlying health issues that we may have.

Thus, to understand this better, let us look into some of the issues of hair and what it exactly conveys with regard to our health.

Greying of hair:

The issue concerning the greying of hairs is mostly genetic and follows the pattern in which our parents have attained grey hairs. However, at certain times the excessive and premature greying of the manes is associated with the extreme stress that a person is undergoing. Apart from this, premature graying of hair can also be due to vitamin B-12 deficiency, anemia, vitiligo, and thyroid concerns as well.

Greying of Hair
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Lifeless and thin hair:

In case one finds that the hair is getting thinner, lifeless, and dry, this can be caused due to an underlying thyroid condition, Hypothyroidism, which thins the hair strands over a period of time. Some of the other symptoms associated with hypothyroidism are slow heart rate, fatigue, feeling cold always, and sudden weight gain.


Patches on the scalp:

In case a thick crust is seen in the scalp region, this might indicate the issue of psoriasis.


Flakes of dandruff:

Issues like dandruff in the hair are not dangerous and can appear due to issues such as eczema, psoriasis, oily scalp, and dry skin conditions. The issue of crusty flakes is a matter of concern as it may indicate an underlying allergy or autoimmune disease. In case the flakes are yellowish in color and are greasy to touch, consulting a skin doctor is advisable.

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Shorter hairs at the top:

These are usually caused due to hair breakages and new hair growth through the same. This might be caused due to less protein consumption. The deficiency of protein may weaken the hair strands and makes them vulnerable to chemical and heat too.


Excessive hair fall:

Even though the usual limit of hair fall per day is 100, in case the amount is larger than this. This may be caused by factors like hormonal imbalances, side effects of medications, and stress. Some other factors can be an autoimmune disorder called Alopecia areata. In this problem, the body attacks its own hair follicles resulting in extreme hair fall.


Bumps at the hair root:

This issue indicates temporary hair loss which can occur due to medications that impact the hormones. Such type of medication can be Accutane, anabolic steroids, and birth control pills.

Receding hairline:

This is a condition that indicates a lack of proper nutrition in the diet of both the genders. Apart from this, the condition can also be a manifestation of a polycystic ovary syndrome in women.


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