Flaunting Split end free hair with simple at-home tricks


The simplest option to get good riddance from split ends is by getting the affected hair cut. However, in addition to the strongly recommended regular haircuts and trimming. Also, there’s a lot of  simple home remedies to do to nourish hair and alter the damage like:

All Natural Hair Masks


1. Eggs are a must-have for those looking for some gentle hair care and indulgence. Eggs are a powerhouse of healthy benefits with nutrients that have the ability to do wonders for hair like Vitamin B (Biotin), Zinc, etc. Using a beaten egg with almond/coconut oil for 30 minutes in hair revives the roots. This mask will also enhance shine and overall hair health.

Gentle hair care mask

2. A paste of Eggs, Orange juice, and Banana also satisfies hair’s nutrition needs and rejuvenates growth, protects from damage, and averts tip splitting.

eggs, orange juice and banana

3. A paste of ripe papaya and Yogurt (equal proportions) is the ideal solution for enhancing hair skin and ridding tips of split-ends.


4. Covering hair (tips) in Cocoa butter and mashed Avocado flesh (separately) also helps in relieving hair of the damage and tension. It will also aid in soothing dullness.


The power of Essential oils for Hair


Cheap, processed Hair oils sold in the market are mostly poor derivates of even poorer ingredients like mineral oil. And, the former does nothing for oil except that making it feel really oily. But like all glitter is not gold, all oils are not safe and healthy.

Only pure Essential oils should trust with the beautiful and delicate hair for growth, protection, and nourishment matters.

Pure Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Rosemary Oil, etc. are well known and most purchased across the world for hair and skin benefits.

Lavender Oil 33ml

But in addition to the aforementioned oils, several other oils like:

Ylang Ylang Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Thyme Oil, Argon Oil, etc., help in combating damage, dullness, and dryness.

Only a few drops of these should be used as these will be sufficient in homemade hair packs. However, gently massaging hair to stimulate the scalp and cover the tips with these oils, every once in a while, will prove even more beneficial.

Prevention before cure

There is no overnight therapy to reduce the damage that persistently changing environmental factors, poor hair care, and dietary routine triggers. So, focusing on preventing split ends through a suitable nutritional supply will keep your hair safe. Start for keeping the bounce and sheen of the hair intact.

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