Effect of the Toxins on Skin and Prevention


Effect of the toxin on your skin is not only from, it absorbs, what you touch, but also from environmental pollution and chemicals present in the air. Many skin care products have dangerous chemicals that may have an adverse effect on your skin so you must be careful while selecting skincare products. The chemicals present in the cosmetics are transported to the bloodstream through the skin and from there to the rest of the body. These chemicals are not only a threat to your health but may also cause many skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.


Toxins are also present in tobacco and smoking can weaken the core function of skin and you may feel rapid dermis aging. It may also hamper the production of collagen that may cause a faster appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Alcohol is another culprit that not only causes many health conditions like liver problems, kidney problems, and osteoporosis but also damages your skin especially when you get older. Consumption of alcohol beyond the reasonable limit also causes premature aging and accelerates skin aging. Alcohol also damages the skin cells and makes skin dry that looks flaky and dull.

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Intense ultraviolet rays of harsh sunlight, environmental pollution, global warming, dryness caused by air conditioners in the atmosphere, and thinning of the ozone layer speed up the aging process, and you may feel the adverse effect on your skin. These factors may many skin and health-related issues.

Prevent and reverse the bad effects of toxins on the skin

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Following skincare tips and precautions may help to prevent and reverse the bad effects of toxins on the skin:

1. Avoid smoking, use of tobacco, and limit the intake of alcohol.
2. Avoid going out in the summer season between 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM. Always apply sunscreen half an hour before going out.
3. Avoid caffeine and soda in your diet as these things contribute to constrict the blood vessels. You can substitute them with fruit juices preferably rich in vitamin C to repair the damaged tissues of the skin.
4. Detoxify your body. Drink a sufficient quantity of water, fruit juices, and green tea to flush out toxins from your body. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that lessen the appearance of bad effects of toxins on the skin.
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5. Always check the ingredients of skin and hair care products before use to save your skin and hair from harmful chemicals. Always do the patch test before using any new products to save your skin from an allergic reaction to the product.
6. Clean and rinse your face more frequently.
7. Always remove the makeup before going to bed and apply night cream before sleeping.
8. Use the skin care products prepared with FDA approved ingredients or use homemade recipes for your day to day skincare needs as all the gradients are known to you and safe. You can prepare skin care recipes at home with the help of a Natural skincare Guide.