When it comes to the winter season, people do love the season yes but do not like the effects it has on the skin. While the winters wind is cold and makes the skin go as dry as possible, what people tend to ignore is the power of the winter fruits and their great effects on the skin during the winters. Winter fruits for skincare are loaded with AHA’s, natural minerals, and vitamins all of which are great in moisturizing, cleaning, and cleansing the winter cold beaten skin.

Some of the winter fruits for skincare that you might find helpful to ward off the dry and harsh winter air are given below.


Doted as a wonder fruit, bananas are the best fruit moisturizers along with being a great agent in tightening the skin and works wonders in hydrating and nourishing the dry winter skin as well. As a skin invigorator, bananas are also known to have the property of opening the skin pores and cleansing the same resulting in a spotless skin tone in the long run. Mash banana thoroughly and add full cream milk as well as 1 tsp of oatmeal to form a smooth paste. Apply the same on the skin. After the application, washing off the same first with milk followed by water helps the skin glow with nourishment and make it equally flawless like it was never before!



It contains vitamins E, D & A along with minerals like potassium. You can apply it to the skin to treat and nourishing dry and sun-damaged skin to a large extent. Avocado fruit will give unimaginable results when you apply it to sunburnt skin. It also does away with the impacts of tanned skin tone woes. Mash avocado with 2 tablespoon honey, 2 marigold flowers, and 1 tablespoon of fresh cream and blend it well. Apply this mask on the skin and keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse off with water after it dries up. It will work wonders on the skin.



Oranges are rich in vitamin C content and great skin softener and toner for dead skin cells as well. To get the goodness of oranges, rub the peel directly on the skin or make a paste from it. You can prepare this paste by grinding the skin of an orange and add milk and honey to it. Application of the same on to the skin serves the purpose. Another great way is to mix orange peels, orange leaves, and orange flowers in boiling hot mineral water. This acts as a great “morning tonic” for the dull winter skin. We can easily store it in the fridge for at least 10 days.


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Apples are a wonder fruit for ones who have a fair and yet sensitive skin tone as it is extremely high in vitamin content. The softening and the astringent properties in apples make them effective in keeping the skin hydrated and supple. Mash an apple and mix one tablespoon honey into it and apply the same on clean skin. This is indeed helpful in hydrating and softening the skin. These apple-based face masks work wonders on oily or maybe combination skin without the untoward incidences of skin breakouts. These incidents are common in the winters when we use creams and moisturizers.



Strawberries contain high vitamin C content and are also rich in alpha-hydroxy acid. This is also known as salicylic acid which in turn helps the skin to glow eradicating acne woes. The presence of antioxidants, ellagic acid further improves the skin as this has the property to reduce the wrinkle effects. It also protects the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The application of strawberries on the skin in winters not only helps get rid of the oily winter skin woes but also has an array of medicinal and astringent properties. To use this,  mash about 20 strawberries with 4 teaspoons of yogurt and apply the paste on the skin. Keep it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing.



For ages, pomegranate as a winter fruit has been used as an effective winter scrub. Its juice once absorbed by the skin cells acts effectively in keeping the skin supple and young. To make the scrub for the body and the face, one needs to take the peels of the fruit and crush them with 10 almonds, and two tablespoons of milk. Gently scrub the face and the body with the same and washing it off first with milk and then with water brings out the best in the harsh winters.


Winters are always about taking care of the skin so that it is extra protected from the outside cold air. The winter fruits available at this time are also great in improving the overall health of the body and skin. Why does one need to spend thousands on cosmetics and high-end chemicals when Mother Nature is filled with natural resources? It helps to keep the skin and body healthy to the optimum?

Don’t wait, pick and choose the winter fruits for skincare that suits you the best and basks in skin glory without a care in the world!