You do not need any introduction to the fact that eyes are one of the most beautiful and important parts of your face and they need special care when you are applying makeup to your face. The problem is that many people are not well aware of how decisive is the role of your eye shape in deciding the kind of makeup you would apply to your eyes. Thus far the best eye makeup, you need to know exactly about your eye shape.

Almond Eye

There are mainly five eye shapes, which are:

Makeup for Almond Eye Shape

Now for the women who have almond-shaped eyes, they are in an advantageous position because they have the liberty to experiment with their makeup. Here are some useful tips that will help you to get the best makeup for almond eye shape:

Step 1:

Since your eye shape gives you the liberty to experiment, it also means that you need to be extra attentive to details. Thus, the first step for you would be that once you have prepared your eyes for makeup, you should start with primer so that your eye shadow can adhere well. For the eye shadow, you should choose one dark and one light shade, so that they can complement each other.

Step 2:

Eyelashes are also a very crucial part of your eyes so they also require proper attention and this would be the next step. You should maximize your lashes and should complement them with mascara.

Step 3 for Makeup for Almond Eye Shape:

The next step is about the best way to apply eye shadow to your eyes. You need to make use of a straight-edged brush so that you can apply in your top lash line, the darkest shade. At the outer corners, you can draw them diagonally to create a slight upturn. A delicate gradation of color on the outer corner can actually accentuate your eye.

Step 4:

Eyeliner is a crucial part of eye makeup and with proper technique; you can really come up with a style that flatters your eye shape. You need to use eyeliner pencils that are fine because if you use a thick one but you are not able to use it properly, the smudge might render you looking older. The lines of your eyeliner should extend beyond the outer corner of each eye and towards the end, should flip upwards.

Step 5 for Makeup for Almond Eye Shape:

Last but not least, liquid eyeliner can also provide a great look to your almond-shaped eye. It can give your eye a dramatic and dark look, which you can combine with the smoky eye look. All you need to do is to keep your hand steady, run a thin layer of the liner over your bottom lid and on the upper lid, running your hand from the inner crease to the outer side. Just pay attention to one fact that uses this in short strokes, resisting the temptations to go for longer ones, because even a slight mistake can ruin it all for you.