Makeup Tips for Different Occasions


Makeup has always been the primary element for any girl to look good and over the years of growing up, their makeup skills increase manifold. However, having said that, at times it becomes difficult to choose the right kind of makeup while preparing for a certain occasion. By following makeup tips for different occasions nay girl will look good.

Thus, to make things easy, here are a few makeup tips for different occasions for you all to follow.

1. A general day makeup tips:

This involves is making the appearance look chic yet presentable on any given day. To start off, you would require concentrating on the face by applying a BB cream to hide the problem zones. After that is done, the eyes need to be enhanced with black at the top lashes and brown or grey at the bottom. Do not forget to fill the eyebrows. Apply some mascara and then the brusher does the trick. Be wary of deep colors as the general look is great with softer shades that make things under control.


2. Casual day makeup tips:

This is for a casual day out where you do not believe in too much of decking up! Use a concealer first and follow it up with a foundation. However, make sure both the shades are as close to your skin tone. Powder the face evenly and then keep the eyes simple with just a stroke of a liner and just a single coat of mascara. Apply lipstick which suits your mood and off you go! Beware of overdoing the eyes as it can overdo the entire purpose.


3. Party makeup tips with a professional touch:

This one is for occasions such as parties and marriages where you need to look your best. Start off by using a concealer to hide the problem zones and blend the same with a sponge. Next comes the foundation which needs to be blended really well, and the powder sets the things even more. Blush needs to be applied under the cheekbones and just a hint on the cheeks help. Do not use anything else all the entire above if the color of the product doesn’t match your skin tone to the closest. Coming to the eyes, here you would need not only eyeliner but also about two shades of eye shadow. First, create the base with a light eye shadow and even it all over the eyelid and use a pencil liner at the base of the upper lid and smudge till it looks perfect. Next is to apply a darker eye shadow shade on the lash line to create a defined eye look. Applying the deep shadow at the eye crease is a necessity! Mascara is strictly for the upper lashes up to two coats. The lips need care as first a lip liner needs to be chosen in tune with the lipstick shade and shape the lips well before filling it up with the pencil. The next step is to do the lips again with a lipstick in a brighter hue to rock the night!


4. Romantic date makeup tips:

Evening dates call for a different look and thus the makeup should be different as well. This one would first need the concealer step followed by a highlighter to do the brows and shape them well. The lighter eye shadow needs to be applied first on the eyelids and then followed by a darker shade on the crease line. The next is to apply a medium shade on the crease and then stroke it along the lash line and blending well to create a stronger eye look. Eyeliners for the upper and lower lashes come next and mascara for both the lashes are applied. The blush effect can be done best by using a deep or medium shade is a necessity. Lips are the last where after the lip liner is ready, go for a vibrant red if you like and sweep the special one-off his feet!

makeup tips for different occasions

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