Memorizing techniques for growing teenagers

Memorizing the lessons is the most essential and integral part in a teenager’s life and most of the students find it to be the toughest job in their education system. The parents of the students are always worried about their wards memorizing ability. Memorizing is closely related with one’s attentiveness. In fact if a person gives less attention to something then it is quite possible that he or she may not remember that particular thing for a longer time.

If you are looking for some easy techniques which will help you to enhance your memorizing power then here are some valuable tips:

1. Go through something before you sleep: 

This is the best way to memorize something, just read the thing before you go to sleep at night and you will be able to remember it for quite a long time. The night time is the best time to memorize because at night there are fewer new things which will interfere with our last memory.

2. Consuming more milk:

After a lot of observations it is confirmed by the studies that people who consume more dairy products have more memory power. Especially the people who drink milk at least one time a day are better in their memory test compared to those who consume less dairy products.

warm milk

3. Do more exercise:

It is shown by several studies that certain exercises especially aerobics is a great exercise to boost up your brain cell and is helpful to enhance your memory. You can also try out dancing which is also a part of exercise. Try to dance with strong and difficult music which is more useful to enhance your memory.

Aerobics exercises

4. Shout it loud:

It is one of the most widely practiced and the easiest method of memorizing anything you want starting from where you kept your things to what you need to write in your exam. Just try to read it in louder voice and make sure that you will be able to remember those things for many days.

5. Say no to smoking:

According to some researchers smoking causes a remarkable damage to one’s memory. It is confirmed from a study that teenagers who has a habit of smoking is far more behind in memorizing than that of the person who does not smoke.

no smoking


6. Green Tea

A research team from China said that regular drinking of green tea can improve your memorizing power. It is also said that green tea can be a natural remedy for the patients with Alzheimer disease. Green tea acts as a natural anti oxidant which flushes out toxin from our cell and helps in rejuvenating our brain cells.

Green tea

7. Consuming red wine:

According to the researcher team of Oxford university, drinking red wine acts as a natural ingredient to improve your memory and also the functioning of your brain. It contains flavonoids which is known for improving your brain function. Though taking too much of wine is not good for a teenager but still you can have red wine more often if you are going through a problem of memorizing.