Green tea has several health benefits.

Green tea primarily is grown and brewed in China and India, now has taken the world by storm for its amazing healthy properties. It contains polyphenol antioxidants and catechin called EGCG that offers huge health benefits. The health benefits of Green tea have tempted fitness conscious people to include it in their daily routine. It is being consumed largely in the USA for the last few years.

How to make Green Leaves Tea

Utilize the benefits of Green tea leaves

Making a perfect cup of green tea involves just a few steps.

1. For brewing 1 cup tea you require 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves. You can also use green tea pearls or tea bags also. Do not use boiling hot water, as the beverage could turn bitter. Put leaves on a strainer over a cup, and take off the pan before the water boils. Slowly pour the water in a mug through the sieve where green leaves are placed.

2. Another way is to pour semi-boiled water over tea leaves and let it soak in a pan for 3 minutes before you drink it slowly. Add honey as per your preference to sweeten the green tea beverage.

Read on to know what you will get when you drink green tea regularly-

Benefits of Green Tea

Improves Brain Function

Thanks to the antioxidants and other nutrients, green tea keeps the brain in good health by increasing its efficiency and making you smarter. It also keeps you awake, when you choose to stay awake for work or study. Its key active stimulant is caffeine that helps in the comprehensive improvement of the brain.

Its caffeine is not stronger than coffee. Hence, it doesn’t become addictive or a health hazard. But surely it stimulates the senses and blocks an impeding neurotransmitter, Adenosine. Thereafter, it increases the output of neurons and increases dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. Caffeine in the tea also affects various aspects of brain functioning, elates mood, brings alertness, improves reaction time, and enhances memory by combining with amino acid L-theanine.

Protects Against Cancer

Green Tea with its bioactive plant compounds extracted from tea leaves contains 30% polyphenols by weight.  Antioxidants catechin called EGCG has anti-inflammatory properties to fight cancer and improve general health. Its constituents decrease free radical formation, protect cells, and molecules from deteriorating. It reduces breast cancer in women by 20 to 30% with its regular usage. It also controls prostate cancer by 48%, and colorectal cancer by 42%. Its consistent use is also beneficial in controlling other cancer forms also.

Checks Heart Ailments, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol       

The experts believe that green tea keeps the blood vessels in fine shape and reducing the chances of heart stroke and the effects of changing blood pressure. It discourages the clot formation in the arteries by raising good cholesterol level.

Fat loss and Fat-Burning for Better Physical Response

Green Tea enhances the fat-burning process and helps in the fat loss process.  In most fat loss schedules and programs, this tea always has a place for its immense health benefits. Most studies highlight that green leaves tea boosts metabolism and vital energy of the body.

Controls Old-Age diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson


Generally, old age diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are related to the degeneration of cells. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that leads to dementia. Green tea delays the deterioration of this old age disease.

Parkinson’s disease:

It is also a common neurodegenerative disease, happens because of the dissolution of dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. The studies conclude through observing mice in the lab that catechin compounds present in green tea protect neurons. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases occur when brain cells die, green tea, in this case, checks the deterioration of these cells.

Controls the aging process   


Delay the aging process with a daily cup of green tea.

Green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages today for its power-packed antioxidants and other compounds. Its regular consumption checks degeneration of brain cells that prompts the aging process. Its constituents also help in declining free radical formation, protect cells, and molecules from getting deteriorated. These free radicals are known culprits in hastening the aging process and developing other age-related diseases.

Improves Dental Infections through their Anti-Bacterial properties

The catechins in green tea terminate bacteria and prevent influenza-like viruses. It improves dental health by removing Streptococcus mutants, the harmful bacteria in the mouth with its regular use. These bacteria activate plaque formation leading to cavities and other dental issues. This invaluable tea checks infections, bothersome bad breath, and removes plaque. It generally controls infections developing in the body.

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