Whey protein has been creating a good number of headlines for quite some time. Those into bodybuilding are more interested in all things related to whey. Those new into gymming and wish to bulk up their body a little or lose weight also know about whey protein. Many thousands have used whey protein powder as the supplement to their day-to-day diets.

Many wonders if the regular intake of whey protein promotes weight gain. Some are even hesitant to take whey protein powder. They believe it might gain unwanted weight.

Whey protein powder

Does Whey Protein Powder Really Make You Fat?

Sadly, it does! If you do not work out, the powder will make you gain weight. However, this isn’t that simple. Excess intake of macronutrients can lead to weight gain. A human body is capable of using only a restricted number of calories in a day. In case, caloric intake exceeds the number your body can use, weight gain is inevitable. So those looking forward to losing bodyweight must do a lot of physical workouts to burn the fat away.

Scientific Rule

Presently, there are no studies, research, or records that support weight gain by protein intake. Therefore, the claim that whey protein makes you fat has no scientific proof. This is similar to any other food that you take more than required. Consuming more than you use will definitely make you fat (protein, turkey, or pizza).


Some believe that whey supports the body to store more fat. This is due to the ability of whey to rise in insulin levels as compared to other foods rich in protein. However, with respect to balanced diets, levels of insulin are controlled by:

– The total amount of energy consumed to the total amount of energy spent.

So to be precise, the rise and fall of blood insulin are irrelevant. In fact, most of the carbohydrates people consume may result in an insulin spike. This might be more as compared to whey protein.

In short, if you make efforts towards perfectly fitting whey protein into your fitness program, it will not make you gain excess weight. It is very important to maintain an active lifestyle to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Interestingly, many studies have revealed that whey protein actually helps in burning fat faster.

Whey – Excellent High-Quality Protein Source

Whey protein is actually the protein portion of whey. It is the liquid that separates from milk or a milk product while cheese production process. Experts have labeled it as a complete, high-quality protein owing to the fact that it comprises all of the essential amino acids. Additionally, it is very digestible. Whey gets absorbed from the gut very quickly as compared to other types of protein. All of these qualities make it one of the best dietary protein sources available.

Whey protein powder is known for its very high nutritional value.

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