The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot about how we live our daily lives. For instance, work from home has become the new normal and suddenly everyone is working from the confines of their homes. While working from home has a lot of pros like no commute, more time with family, etc., the phenomena of work from home stress is also pretty real.

Feeling bogged down while working from home? You’re not alone

Every job comes with one or the other form of stress. However, the current situation has included another one to the list – work from home stress.

This kind of stress is mainly attributed to the fact that people have blurred the lines between work and home and hence, the office responsibilities end up entangled with family commitments. Also, the fear of losing jobs due to the pandemic induced recession is making people work harder and ultimately leading to more stress.


However, you need to realize one thing – you’re not alone. Most of the people these days are going through the same experience.

5 mind-blowing tips to keep work from home stress away

While it is true that the times are tough, but you should always remember that “this too shall pass”. With that in mind, here are 5 amazing tips that you can follow to keep work from home stress at arm’s length.

Mark your “home-office” territory

If you have no specified work location at home, you are inviting trouble. Working from the bedroom makes it your workplace and even when you’re done working, you still remain in the zone.

Hence, it is very important to mark a special area that you call your home office. In this way, you can walk away when done and have a clear distinction between workplace and home.

Dress up – Dress down

Even though it may sound a bit silly, but getting ready for the office in the morning as usual and then dressing down when you’re done is a great way to disengage from work every evening.

Make it a rule that once you’re in your pajamas, work is a big NO. In this way, you can manage both your work and your family in a much more efficient way.

Define your schedule

Studies have shown that ever since people have been forced to work from home, the average workday has increased by around 30-45 minutes.

This makes it very important to define your schedule. Fix a time to start and end your work each day. Unless there is an emergency, do not stretch yourself. Doing this will help you relieve stress and have enough time away from work to be able to give your best every day.

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Catch up with friends

While hanging out at your favorite bar with your friends might not be feasible, there are many ways to socialize. Call up a friend, invite your group to a video call, or simply chat them up over IMs.

Catching up with friends will take your mind off work. This will help your brain disengage from work and help you relieve the built-up stress.

Take a break

Many people feel that with nowhere to go and nobody to meet, taking a leave is redundant. However, that is not true.

If you’re feeling stressed out due to work, you should really take a day or two off and spend the entire time with family. Play with your kids, enjoy with your pets, do whatever makes you feel happy and sane. After all, you deserve it!

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