Coronavirus or COVID-19 has brought our day to day lives to a sudden halt. The pandemic has been causing panic among the people worldwide. With the current lockdown, people are being told to practice social distancing and limit the trips outside unless necessary. The incessant news and updates regarding the pandemic have been causing mental stress or the coronavirus lockdown stress. It has made a deep impact on everyone physically as well as mentally.

Effective Ways to deal with Coronavirus Lockdown Stress

Panic not! Here are a few effective ways to combat the coronavirus lockdown stress:

  • Maintain your exercise routine at home


    Exercise daily to stay fit.

Exercise is the best way to improve physical & mental wellbeing. Try working out together with your trainer and your friends via video conferencing. Besides, you can also watch out for online workout videos to gain more insight.

  • Indulge in your hobbies 

Keeping up with your work at the office keeps so busy that it’s difficult to take time out for hobbies. Now, its time to give your work a little break and indulge back in your favorite hobbies.

  • It’s time to tidy up your home 

Organize your wardrobe & clean up your home. Studies say that cleaning offers a break from stress. However, if you are a person with OCD, you can reorganize your wardrobe and donate unwanted clothes. 

  • Maintain connections via social networks                                                 

Social connectivity gives you psychological closeness and a sense of community during this ongoing coronavirus lockdown stress. Thanks to the advanced technology, we can stay in touch with our loved ones anytime via video calls. 

  • Meditate & practice yoga                                  

Take a deep breath & exhale slowly. It’s time to replenish your mind amid the coronavirus lockdown stress. Practice yoga every day or meditate every morning for a while. Fortunately, there are plenty of guided meditation videos as well as online courses going on to support you.

  • Do your needful for the needy people 

In this difficult time, the least we can do is to extend our support financially as well as mentally. Helping people who are in need of food, supplies, or anything. A small gesture from your end has an immediate mental health benefit. 

  • Start reading books or e-books 

Reading is known to reduce stress levels and anxiety. You can choose from a wide range of novels and e-books. Moreover, audiobooks are another wonderful way for both adults and children to stay occupied.

  • Set up your daily routine 

Even if you are working from home, this shouldn’t stop you from maintaining your daily regime. Keep your day-to-day routine going as much as possible. Discipline helps the mind and body to stay focussed. 

  • Start playing indoor games

Another better way to ease out the stress is by playing games. You can resort to any kind of game, be it video games or indoor games you like. Gaming is an easy way to release stress and anxiety.

  • Time for self-care

At times, when corona news becomes overwhelming and too depressing, make sure to indulge in self-care. Indulge in self- massage of your feet, hands, legs, or lower back. Moreover, you may also think of homemade face treatment, head massage, pedicure, or manicure all by yourself to ease the stress in the body.


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