Also referred to as ‘Asthenopia’, eye strain is mainly ocular fatigue wherein the eyes get tired owing to excess use. The major cause is medically referred to as “digital eye strain” or “computer vision syndrome.” It is a common condition people face after staring at a computer screen without breaks. Reading or staring at the screen under dim light condition also results in eye fatigue. Usually, the condition is not serious. It can be relieved once the eyes get some rest. However, excess fatigue combined with pain or vision issues may be due to an underlying problem (most commonly astigmatism or farsightedness). read further on tips to reduce eye fatigue drastically-

Reduce eye fatigueSymptoms of Eye Fatigue

Although the actual symptoms vary from person to person depending on the actual cause and an underlying issue, here is a list of some of the most common symptoms:

– Dry or watery eyes

– Pain around the eyes

– Blurred vision

– Headache that gets worse by using your eyes

– Sensitivity to light

– Burning, sore eyes

– Tired eyes

– Vertigo

– Trouble keeping your eyes open

Some reflex symptoms include nausea, migraine, and trembling of facial muscles.

5 Tips to Reduce Eye Fatigue Drastically


reduce eye fatigue drastically

reduce eye fatigue drastically

Here’s how you can reduce eye fatigue drastically:

Work on Monitor Brightness

Start by reducing the brightness on your monitor. The background of any light-colored web page should not appear like a light source. If it is too bright, adjust monitor settings immediately.

Consider F.lux

This is free software and the best available for installing in PC. It will match up the shades or color temperature of the screen to ideally match the time of day. The software will also adapt to room lighting.

Tame that Glare

If you see strange glare on your monitor, it is time to know where it comes from. This might be due to a bright colored wall, light source, or a window causing glare on the monitor. Try covering the window, repositioning your desk, or changing lights. Position your monitor at 90 degrees from any natural light source that visit your room.

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Limit Screen Time

Do not get unlimited access to the screen. Fix time to improve symptoms of eye fatigue. Taking small regular breaks will help you to reduce eye fatigue drastically. You can regularly shift your eyes to look at an object placed at 20 feet away. You need to do this for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Artificial Tears

Using over-the-counter (OTC) artificial tears will help lubricate your eyes. This is very important to prevent dry eyes. You can also use these prior to working at a computer. OTC artificial tears are easily available at medical stores or online pharmacies. Make sure you invest in lubricating eye drops that do not use any preservatives. Artificial tears should be devoid of any chemicals so that your eyes do not get irritated by regular usage.

Following the above-listed tips will help you reduce eye fatigue significantly. Most importantly, you should avoid abusing y with the overuse of smartphones and computers.

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