Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

As the age of a woman increases, she starts to change the amount of makeup she would wear. She would either start to wear more makeup to cover her signs of aging or she would wear less, thinking that the makeup would fill in her wrinkles and make them look old. Actually, if you follow some tips and apply your makeup with some extent of technique and planning, you can easily look younger, without altering the amount of makeup that you are habitual to wear.

Makeup tricks to look younger

Some of the makeup tricks to look younger are:

The first tip is to maintain the good condition of your skin. Though this point might not seem to you as related to makeup but if you maintain your skin as smooth and supple, you can apply your makeup in a better way and the end result would also be better. This way even the foundation that you apply would also not settle in your wrinkles and eventually, you are bound to look younger. Also, you should also use cleanser of good quality only and apply it to your skin two times a day.

The only thing is that once you start aging, you should decrease the use of the cleanser. If you really want to look young then you should change your skin regimen over the years because as the years pass by, the skin undergoes changes in texture and other related aspects so your way of taking care of it should also change.

Another tip that you should keep in mind is that your usage of wrinkle cream should be very regular and also you should always use good quality cream. This way with the use of good cream on a regular basis, your skin will definitely get a lot of benefits.

Apart from all this, you should also keep a few things in mind so that you look younger such as:

 1.  When you are carrying on the application of foundation to your face, do not forget to moisten your fingertips and blend the foundation well on your jawline. This way you can very effectively hide fine lines.

2. If the color tone of your skin is dark, usage of pigmented colors is suggested for you and you should also use creamy compositions instead of powder colors.

3. The bases for your makeup, such as concealers and foundations should be chosen by you as per the type of your skin. Based on the kind of skin you have you should judge whether you need an oil based one or water based one and also take into consideration the type of coverage required.

4. Applying makeup to look younger means you need to have subtle makeup and so you should use all the beauty products that you use in very less quantity.

5. Always set the makeup that you have applied with a layer of powder.

6. In terms of lip color, always use a shade bit deeper than your natural color and on eyes use of neutral shade is suggested.

7. Always apply makeup according to the occasion and the time of the day.

Above mentioned makeup tricks to look younger will help you to look younger.

Tips for Best Face Makeup

Looking good is a privilege that every woman deserves to have and makeup is one sure way of getting it. Basically, a combination of beauty products or cosmetics is referred to like makeup. Since makeup has a big role in making you look beautiful and is a representation of your personality, you should know its basics and tips so that you can make the most of it.

When you apply a good makeup, it tends to give you a polished and perfect look, making your confidence and self-esteem grow and thus it is very important for you to know the art in it.


Your makeup should not only enhance your beauty but it should be perfect to reflect your imagination and creativity. The best part about knowing the correct way of applying makeup is that you don’t need to drown your face in cosmetics and end up with a bizarre result. If you know the art of makeup it will transform your face from dull and dreary to attractive and striking.

Here are some very important tips that you should follow:

1. The first thing that you need to remember is to apply makeup to your face as per its shape. Like if you have an oval face, you need to shorten it at chin and forehead with the use of dark foundation so as to make it appear more appealing.

2. If your face is rectangular or square, creating an illusion is required from your makeup. With the usage of dark foundation, these shapes are given a new definition on the four corners and thus the look of fullness is softened.

3. In the case of a round face, with the use of dark foundation at the chin and lower face you can make it appear longer. For the rest of the features of your face, you just need to manipulate and balance the shades.

4. For best face makeup you need to select your foundation carefully, keeping your skin tone in mind. Then you should know that your eyes are a very important part of your face and for best quality makeup you need to focus more on your eyes.

5. You can give your eyes a stunning look by making the use of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara.

6. You can also use concealer if you have even the faintest of dark circles under your eyes.

7. Then you need to focus on your cheek which you can do by applying a lighter shade of blush and then you can blend your blush with a bit of darker color on the cheekbone region. This way your cheeks get highlighted and look even more beautiful.

8. For your lips, first you should outline your lip with pencil and then you should apply lip color.

9. Also never forget that for good makeup you also need to take some steps even before starting it. You need to start with a thorough cleaning of your face.

10. Then it should be followed by the use of good quality facial toner.

11. Moisturizing is another thing you should not forget before you start applying makeup.

The Best Makeup Tips for Heavy-Lidded Eye Shape

There is a point in life that every woman witnesses at some stage of her life. This is the juncture that no matter how beautiful she is, she decides to put on a great deal of makeup to look like one of her favorite celebrities. Here are two things you need to focus on, firstly, makeup enhances and complements your beauty, and it does not change your face. The second aspect here us that makeup is never about quantity but is actually all about the right technique. The same applies when you have to apply makeup to your heavy-lidded eye shape. That is why for the perfect eye makeup, you need to keep the shape of your eye in mind.


If your eyelids are heavy, giving an expression of weighed down to your eyes; you have a heavy-lidded eye shape. Here you need to be careful with your makeup because you don’t want your eyes to appear even more weighed due to the makeup. Here are a few best makeup tips for heavy-lidded eye shape to apply for the perfect makeup to your eyes:

Step 1:

Shabby eyebrows are something that can really make your eyes even more weighted than they really are so you need to start your makeup by plucking your eyebrows. You should remove the stray ones and trim the rest. This way you improve the shape of your eyebrow, brightening it up. After this, you need to fill your eyebrows with a brow pencil of the same color as your brows.

Step 2:

Apply eye makeup primer to smoothen your heavy-lidded eye shape and prepare them for makeup.

Step 3:

The choice of eyeliner is very crucial here because the choice of the right color, which suits the color of your own eyes can really make your eyes look spectacular. If you have green eyes, gold, bronze or caramel is going to work the best for you. Suiting shade of eyeliner for brown eyes are copper and deep brown. While applying, you need to extend the eyeliner past your eye and you need to sweep it past the eyelid in upward strokes.

Step 4:

Eye shadow is a very important part here and you need to be careful with it. Firstly, you don’t have to apply shadow beneath your eyes, instead of which you should use concealer, in salmon color, to prepare the appearance of under eye shadow. Lighter shades of eye shadow, such as taupe, ivory, or delicate pearly are best-suited for heavy-lidded eyes. You need to brush the shadow along your brow bone to highlight it as well.

Step 5:

Once you have highlighted your brow bone, you just need to take a shadow brush and a little darker shade of shadow to brush it all over your socket. This will blend in your complete makeup for a perfect finish.

Step 6:

Mascara is one beauty product that can radically help you in making your eyes appear and widening them. All that you need to do is to apply a couple of coats of the mascara of your choice.
Above mentioned makeup tips for heavy-lidded eye shape will help you look at your eyes and face more attractive.
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The Best Makeup for Downturned Eye Shape

Eyes are a beautiful part of the face of any woman and they play a great role in portraying the personality of the woman. The most crucial thing about taking good care of your eyes and also about beautifying them with makeup is to know what is the exact shape of your eye.

If your eye has, at the outer corners, a downward angle, then you surely have downturned eye shape. Well, many beautiful celebrities have the same shape of eyes, so you just need to know the exact makeup tricks to help your eyes portray you in the best light possible.
Downturned Eye


The important part here is to make the area under your area look alive. The application of a little amount of foundation, which is of skin tone, can do the trick for you here. All you need to focus on is to cover any kind of circle that might be there in the under eye area and do not forget to blend the foundation.


The secret to turning your downturned eye shape in an upside manner lies in, eyeliner. Eyeliner serves you in a two-pronged way, while it makes your lashes full and lush; it also assists in opening your eyes. You need to start your makeup with some eye primer so that your makeup stays for a longer period on your time. Now, using either pencil eyeliner or a powder one, you need to apply it as close to your upper lashes as possible. You also do not need to shy away from heavy lining because this liner is going to give your eyes a perked up look.

Eye Shadow:

Powder eye shadow can serve the purpose of softening of eyeliner. As per your eye shape, the perfect way of application is to apply, on your lids a neutral taupe shade and in the crease of the eye, you need to apply the shade of warm brown. This way you add definition to your eyes and add an element of lightness to it.


One of the best ways of boosting downturned eyes is curled lashes. To attain this, you need to place your lashes in a curler for a period of about ten seconds, to give them a lift. Once this is done, you need to apply two coats of brown or black mascara on your lashes. While applying the mascara,   use the brush in a way to prevent any sort of clumping. This way not only your lashes would look fuller but even your curls will make the eyes more open.

So these are the most suited makeup techniques for your downturned eyes, you just need to remember one thing. Keep in mind that makeup is like a two-way road, a slight mistake can also ruin everything, so you need to apply it with due care.

Best Makeup Tips for Kitty Parties

There are following best makeup tips for kitty parties for women. Kitty parties are the best place for women to come together and show off their glamorous best. From eye makeup to hair to shoes, everything needs to be perfect for the occasion and stand the test of the long hours you sit laughing and playing with your friends. Here are a few tips to ace the best makeup tips for kitty parties to look and appear great, no matter what.

A strong base: 


Before you start dressing up your face make sure to clean your face thoroughly and apply light moisture. Apply a light foundation to cover up blemishes and give an overall even and flawless look. Use your finger or a foundation brush to apply the foundation evenly, so that it blends well and looks natural and not o made up.

Dramatic eyes: 



Play with eye shadows and liners when going to a kitty party. Colors that are not too bright and go with the dress you have chosen are the best. Apply two shades of eye shadows, a base color which is a shade higher than your normal skin color, and a light color that matches your dress, bend these two to give a distinct yet beautiful look.

Eyeliners and eyelashes: 


Apply eyeliner with a steady hand to get a beautiful look. It will be better to practice a day or two before the actual party on the look and the kind of liner you want to apply so that you know if it will suit you and get in a little practice too. Make your eyes bolder if you are opting for a lighter lipstick shade. Use an eyelash curler, or fake eyelashes if you want to make a statement with your eyes, but then keep the rest of your features grounded.

Bold lips: 


Keep your eye makeup light and not too dramatic and instead go for bold lips. Shades like orange, maroon and red are such a rage nowadays and look brilliant while oozing sexiness. Dab a lighter, more neutral shade on your lips and then apply the darker shade that complements your overall look. You can apply a little powder over your lips after wearing lipstick to make the color last longer.



Apply glitter at the right places, especially if the party is at night. You can use bronzer to contour those cutting cheekbones and make them a tiny bit sparkly and glittery. Apply a hint of glitter under your eyebrows to give a shiny, glossy look.



Smile and brush up the areas where you would blush naturally with a hint of pink to give more color to the face and look picture perfect.

Use these makeup tips to glow at any kitty party and receive the right kind of compliments and come out with the best pics.

Makeup Tips for Different Occasions

Makeup has always been the primary element for any girl to look good and over the years of growing up, their makeup skills increase manifold. However, having said that, at times it becomes difficult to choose the right kind of makeup while preparing for a certain occasion by following makeup tips given here.

Thus, to make things easy, here are a few makeup tips for different occasions for you all to follow.

1. A general day makeup tips:

This involves is making the appearance look chic yet presentable at any given day. To start off, you would require concentrating on the face by applying a BB cream to hide the problem zones. After that is done, the eyes need to be enhanced with black at the top lashes and brown or grey at the bottom. Do not forget to fill the eyebrows. Apply some mascara and then the brusher does the trick. Be wary of deep colors as the general look is great with softer shades which make things under control.


2. Casual day makeup tips:

This is for a casual day out where you do not believe in too much of decking up! Use a concealer first and follow it up with a foundation. However, make sure both the shades are as close to your skin tone. Powder the face evenly and then keep the eyes simple with just a stroke of a liner and just a single coat of mascara. Apply lipstick which suits your mood and off you go! Beware of overdoing the eyes as it can overdo the entire purpose.


3. Party makeup tips with a professional touch:

This one is for occasions such as parties and marriages where you need to look your best. Start off by using a concealer to hide the problem zones and blend the same with a sponge. Next comes the foundation which needs to be blended really well, and the powder sets the things even more. Blush needs to be applied under the cheekbones and just a hint on the cheeks help. Do not use anything else all the entire above if the color of the product doesn’t match your skin tone to the closest. Coming to the eyes, here you would need not only eyeliner but also about two shades of eye shadow. First, create the base with a light eye shadow and even it all over the eyelid and use a pencil liner at the base of the upper lid and smudge till it looks perfect. Next is to apply a darker eye shadow shade on the lash line to create a defined eye look. Applying the deep shadow at the eye crease is a necessity! Mascara is strictly for the upper lashes up to two coats. The lips need care as first a lip liner needs to be chosen in tune with the lipstick shade and shape the lips well before filling it up with the pencil. The next step is to do the lips again with a lipstick in a brighter hue to rock the night!


4. Romantic date makeup tips:

Evening dates call for a different look and thus the makeup should be different as well. This one would first need the concealer step followed by a highlighter to do the brows and shape them well. The lighter eye shadow needs to be applied first on the eyelids and then followed by a darker shade on the crease line. The next is to apply a medium shade on the crease and then stroke it along the lash line and blending well to create a stronger eye look. Eyeliners for the upper and lower lashes come next and mascara for both the lashes are applied. The blush effect can be done best by using not a normal shade but a deep or medium shade is a necessity. Lips are the last where after the lip liner is ready, go for a vibrant red if you like and sweep the special one off his feet!


Makeup Tips for Workplace

Makeup in the office can be tricky. Drawing the line between professional and too glamorous is important. Many women choose to go office without a hint of makeup, which definitely shows how comfortable they are in their skin, but a hint of makeup, blended and drawn in together gives a more professional look. Here are a few makeup tips for the workplace that are easy to follow and pleasant on the eye.

Make use of foundation and concealer: 

Apply a light base, oil-free, long-lasting foundation to cover up blemishes and give the skin a more even tone. Use a concealer under the eyes and on marks, if any. Make sure the concealer matches your skin tone and is not too light. Blend the concealer with the foundation to give a more natural and flawless look. This is one of the makeup tips for the workplace.


Blush, blush: 

Choose a blush that compliments your skin. Apply it along with the cheekbones where you naturally blush and blend it nicely. Don’t use a shade that is too bright and too much in contrast with your skin. Avoid bronze blushes too. Harsh and bright colors should be avoided. This is another makeup tip for the workplace.


Eye makeup: 

Dramatic eye makeup is a no-no for a professional look. Go for a simple black Kajal or brown hue. Brown gives the eyes a more natural yet bright look. Neutral grey can uplift the overall look without being too prominent.


Creamy lip shade: 

Use a creamy lip color instead of a glossy one. Bold colors like Red or Maroon look beautiful and classy, but they are better suited for a hipper and party environment than the everyday work environment. Light pink, beige or nude colors look great in the office environment. They balance the look while adding the necessary shine.


Lashes to the point: 

Eyelashes have the power to lift up your whole look. Colored and glittery mascara or even too much mascara is a big no for a professional, office going look. Instead, opt for eyelash color or nude mascaras that don’t make the eyes too glittery. Don’t use fake eyelashes either, for they require a lot of maintenance and should not be messed with.



Eyebrow embellishments look very pretty but are not suitable for the work environment. So keep your eyebrows neat and plucked. Don’t go for overly thin eyebrows, instead, have fuller brows and use an eyebrow filler if necessary to give your eyes those prominent, beautiful, sculpted look.


Make use of these tips to give a more professional, collected, yet beautiful vibe at your workplace.