A slim face is something everyone wants not just because it looks attractive but because it looks perfect. Nowadays making your face appear thinner is not a tough job as today you can do it in quite a simple way.

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All you need is three makeup tools which are:




Apart from these tools you also need to have the exact knowledge of how to use them in the best way possible to get the best results.

Bronzer to Make Your Face Look Thinner:

It is a very helpful way to contour your face you just need to ensure that it is a couple of shades darker than the natural tone of your skin. In terms of application, it should be applied in a parallel way to the jawline so that your cheekbones get defined beyond the part of your face which is fleshy. Also, you should place it straight down from the bridge of the nose. This would make your nose appear longer as well as thinner. At this stage, you need to blend your makeup well so that the tone of your skin looks natural. At the end of this process, you should apply a thin amount of bronze makeup to your chin and jawline also so as to elongate your face.


The key to using blush to make your face look thinner is that it should be carefully applied on your cheeks above bronzer and in the same way as a bronzer; the application should be parallel to the jawline. You can also make the use of a cream stick as it is the best way to apply blush to your cheek at the exact angle required. A lighter shade of the blush is the best if you want to have your apple of the cheek defined well but if it doesn’t match your skin tone; you might use a darker shade.

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Highlighter  to Make Your Face Look Thinner:

A highlighter is one of the best ways to give your contour face a classic finishing touch. A highlighter can actually work wonders when it comes to making your face look thinner, it’s just that you should know the exact way how to use it. For the best result, you need to add some amount of makeup to the top and the bottom part of your lip highlights it. You should also cover a small area above your nose with a highlighter and should also run it over the bones of your eyebrows. In order to add some misty glow to your face, you should apply highlighter over the blush which you have applied to your cheeks.

Blinc Glow & Go Face and Body Cream Stick Highlighter

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You might have to spend some time blending in all three with the shape of your face but one thing is assured that once you see the results, you are definitely going to change the way you applied makeup to your face. Contouring is one of the most effective and popular ways of making your face appear thinner and you may find a lot of celebrities doing it.

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