9 Home Remedies for Asthma in Children that Work

omega-3 fatty acid

Asthma in children is a health condition characterized by difficulty in breathing. It is triggered due to obstruction in airflow to the lungs. Some of the major causes include allergies, weather conditions, certain medications, pollution in the air, respiratory infections, and food.

Although there are medications to treat asthma in children, home remedies can help your child grow out of asthma and lead a healthy life.

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Here are some home remedies for asthma in children that work:

1. Mustard Oil

A mixture of mustard oil and camphor will work as a potent combination for asthma treatment. Warm the oil mixture and massage it all over the child’s chest. The warmth of the oil will provide quick relief to the child.

mustard oil

2. Eucalyptus Oil

This remedy will help keep asthma at bay. Simply pour a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of boiling water. Help the child take its steam. This mixture is very helpful in opening up all nasal blockages to ease up breathing.

Eucalyptus Oil

3. Omega-3s

Is your child taking enough Omega-3 fatty acids? Some studies and research have suggested that omega-3s help in decreasing inflammation in the airway. It also helps boost lung function. So make sure your child gets his daily dose of fish oil supplements.

omega-3 fatty acid

4. Honey

Honey is used as the main ingredient in many cough and cold remedies. It helps soothe an irritated throat and even calm a cough. It also helps get relief from asthma by opening up nasal passages. Give your child a mixture of a teaspoon of honey in hot water.


5. Steam Baths

Warm steam baths are also helpful in asthma treatment. These baths are very helpful in alleviating irritation in the airway and nasal congestion associated with asthma. Since the bath provides moisture to airways, it helps relieve the symptoms. Since steam baths are hot, you must assist your child.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric has been the subject of a number of studies, and it has been found to have some anti-allergy properties. It is believed that turmeric has an effect on histamines, which can cause inflammation. Nevertheless, much more research needs to be done before turmeric can be established as a safe and effective natural remedy for asthma in children.


7. Figs

Soak dried figs overnight in water. Give these to your child to eat first thing in the morning. Also, ask him to drink the residual water.

Dry figs

8. Ginger

Ginger is a miracle herb. It offers multiple benefits for health and body. This superfood can help your child get relief from symptoms of asthma. You simply need to prepare a mixture of honey, ginger, and pomegranate. Add all of the ingredients in equal quantities. Give this potion to your child at least twice a day.


9. Belly Breathing

This technique is very helpful in maximizing the distribution of air in your lungs. Let your child sit or lie down. Ask him to focus on breathing. He should breathe slowly through the nose. Make sure the abdomen comes out when he inhales. Then let him exhale slowly with abdomen pushing inward. This exercise will help keep asthma symptoms at bay.

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