Looking gorgeous on your wedding day is only the half task done. As a bride, you have to look impeccable at every moment of your D-day. To avoid any kind of last-minute problems, read on this write up for an update on quick fixes of common flaws you may come across during your wedding.

Tips for brides

Make your wedding day impeccable with quick-fix tips for brides!

Quick Fix tips for Brides

Dark circles and puffy eyes

So it is your wedding day and you could not sleep sufficiently last night. The result is under-eye dark circles and puffy eyes. Now you need a remedy that works really fast so that you look fresh and vibrant bride on this day.

  • Refrigerate a spoon and take it out after a few minutes. Now place the cold spoon on the puffy areas for a minute. Remove it and discover the normal eye area without any puffiness!
  • You may also place cold cucumber slices on your eyes to relieve from dark circles and tiredness.
  • Later on, apply a good concealer, that is one or two shade lighter than your foundation, on the under-eye area. Use your ring finger as its skin is very smooth. Apply it gently to get a natural skin tone.
eye makeup

The right eye makeup can conceal puffy eyes and dark circles.

  • Another great tip is to use lighter color eye shadow or white eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye to make them bright and beautiful.

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Body odor

A bride should smell fresh at all times. However, the hot temperature may cause more sweating and a bad smell from the body which you cannot afford on your wedding day. Keep some face wipes ready to wipe off sweat and inconvenience as well! Carrying an effective deodorant in your makeup kit is a wise move too.

Pimple on the face

If you discover a pimple on your face on your wedding day then please do not resort to new short cut methods that may irritate your skin.

  • Use a medicated cream to get rid of the pimple. Your wedding day is not the day for experimenting with new skin treatments or remedies to improve the skin, remember that.
  • Also, remember to use the concealer before the makeup to hide the pimple mark on the skin.

Bad breath

As a bride, you would be the center of attraction and all of the guests would like to greet and hug you. Your bad breath can turn them off.

  • An easy remedy is to chew a chewing gum that would work for hours.
  • You may also take some mint to remove bad breath.

    Remove bad breath with mint leaves!

  • Alternatively, pop some tangy fruit like orange in your mouth to counter bad breath.
  • Please avoid onions and garlic if you want fresh breath. Drink plenty of water, it helps!

Stains on the dress

In case you notice a big stain on your wedding dress then what would you do.

  • Keep some stain remover wipes ready with your friend and dab them gently in a circular motion on the stain. Most likely the stain would go away.
  • Cover the stain (like oil stains) on the dress with baby powder and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Now gently brush away.

Eye makeup issues

Use waterproof eye makeup to avoid any smudge. From the beginning till the end, your pictures should reflect you as the perfect bride. So if you want to cry, you can do so happily without bothering about your mascara and all. The waterproof eye makeup would refuse to budge or smudge despite sweats or tears on your face.

Wardrobe malfunction

Quick fix tips for brides for dress malfunction

It is the biggest nightmare of any bride. The best thing is to try your wedding dress and footwear before the wedding and find out the problem areas. Those ways you can avoid any major problem on your D-day. To avoid any last-minute emergency like your strap gets snapped then you must have a needle and thread with you in your kit. It is essential for avoiding any kind of embarrassment at the wedding.

Quick fix kit for the wedding day

You need to have a kit that contains essential things to solve an unexpected issue on your wedding day. Some of the essential things have been mentioned above but there are many more. Here is a checklist:

  • Face wipes or baby wipes,
  • Stain remover wipes, hanky,
  • Thread, needle, extra buttons for your dress,
  • Cotton swabs,
  • Cleanser,
  • Makeup kit that contains right color shades of eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and lipstick,
  • Hairpins,
  • Safety pins,
  • Hairbrush and comb,
  • Mirror,
  • Deodorant and perfume,
  • Moisturizer,
  • Medicated cream for acne
  • Prescribed Medicines, if any
  • Chewing gum
  • Thread and needle

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and with some thoughtfulness, you can avoid any possible emergency or issues on that day.

Hopefully, the above quick-fix tips for brides for the wedding would help you to stay impeccably beautiful and gorgeous throughout your wedding.

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