Handy uses of concealer

The skin imperfections are not rare among women. Nobody wants to show the flaws on their skin and the wonderful friend that helps in fixing these flaws in minutes is the concealer. Here are some of the handy uses of concealer over just hiding the flaws.

Concealer can do much more than hiding the imperfections of a face.

For Lush, Thicker Lashes

One of the Best Uses of concealer is to enhance the result of mascara on eyes.

If your new mascara has ditched you and does not provide the thicker look to the lashes, as you need it. All you can do is to get hold of your concealer. Take the concealer, dip the Q-tip, and apply it on the lashes before applying the mascara. It is the perfect hack for the finest looking eyelashes and definitely one of the surprising uses of concealer.

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Prime the Lids

Eye primers are relatively expensive makeup products and also it is a kind of product that you may be very doubtful about buying. You may not prefer applying eye shadow on bare skin. A good base always ensures that the eye shadow looks great. You can be happy about the fact that you need not have to buy an eye primer for the excellent look you desire. Your concealer can do the trick. It provides good coverage on the lids. Moreover, it can keep your eyelids away from oil or sweat. It is one of the best uses of concealer.

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Alternate to Foundation

You might have the favorite foundation that never fails in making you look best on all occasions. If you are in a situation, when you do not have enough foundation left, it is best to consider the concealer instead. Remember, the concealer should blend well with the regular day cream. Also, one part of the concealer and two parts of regular cream is the ratio to be followed for the best results.

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For Contouring

A concealer that is a bit darker than the skin shade is the perfect pick to be used as a contour. Use the concealer for drawing lines on higher points of the face like chin, nose, forehead, and cheeks. Blend it well for a ravishing look. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fascinating uses of concealer.

For Fuller Lips

Get fuller and beautiful lips with the use of concealer.

If you always feel that there is an obvious change in the intensity of the lip color after applying lip color, you can rely on concealer. Interestingly, you can apply some concealer before applying the lipstick. It gives a fuller and natural look to your lips. Moreover, it gives a color pop to the lips. The thin concealer layer is required to cover the lips till the outer corner. Blend it well before applying the lipstick on your lips.

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