It is said that not talking to anyone for too many days can harm your body in the same way as smoking 16 cigarettes a day! This is what loneliness does to your body. You are human designed to interact with fellow living beings and if you do not do so loneliness can cause harm to your mental and physical health. Continue reading to know how you can beat loneliness in just few easy ways.

  • Bring home a pet

  • Research shows that company and cuddling of a pet can reduce the feeling of loneliness and depression. Moreover, it will also keep you busy cleaning, feeding, playing etc., which will help you to divert your mind from continuous thoughts of loneliness.


  • Get a new hobby

  • Learning something new will not only keep you active and engaged but it will also help you to interact with people of same interest. Such creative conversations can reduce the feeling of loneliness. Besides, a new hobby will also boost your self-worth.


    1. Spend time in nature

    A small outdoor walk often acts as instant refreshment. Interestingly, spending time in nature not only helps to get fresh air but also revives your body and mind. It will also let you interact with others to some extent which can help you reduce your loneliness.


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    1. Boost your mental health

    In order to beat loneliness, you need to strengthen your mental health. Practice yoga early morning or meditate for at least 10 minutes in a day. In addition, listen to motivational and positive pod casts, read good books, practice positive affirmations, etc.


    1. Reconnect with old friends

    Sometimes, reuniting with old friends is all you need to in order to say good bye to your loneliness. Try to call or set up a small reunion party with your old friends.

    Recollect all those memories, have your favorite food, dance, drink and just enjoy yourself to the fullest. Keep in touch with your friends on daily basis and never disconnect yourself from them.


  • Work on strengthening your current bonds

  • At times, the easiest thing to beat loneliness is to strengthen your current relationships. Be it family or friends if they really love you, they will surely be there for you.

    So, try calling them and telling them how you feel, cry it out, apologize if you have wronged them, work on your relationship. Give it time and attention and one day there will be no place for loneliness in your life!


    1. Make good use of social media

    People often fake their lifestyle on social media. Try not be jealous of the cheeky photos you see on social media. Instead, use social media to get in touch with an old friend, play online games with your family members, share your childhood photos, etc.

  • Volunteer for a social community

  • Doing charity or social service also works towards reducing loneliness for some. Often, by doing good things to others, helps them feel positive. Moreover, it helps you to interact with the social service community and join a good cause. This not only helps to reduce loneliness but also boosts your joy of lending a hand.


    1. Seek help/see a therapist

    If you tried all the above steps and still feel lonely then it’s advisable you see a therapist. In case, you are hesitant to visit therapist then you have an option for online consultation.

    Some websites may not even ask your name or always keep your identity secret. All you have to do is share your thoughts on how you feel and answer all the questions asked by therapist.


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