Lemon for Skin Care at Home


Remedy for sore throat:

In case of sore throat, add one lemon juice with salt in 250ml of lukewarm water and gargle three times a day. Tilt the head back to allow the antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon juice to flow into the back of the throat to get relief in sore throat. After gargle, you can swallow the juice for boosting the vitamin C immune system. If you have a cold, the healing power of lemon for skincare will work internally as well as externally by supplying the required vitamin C to your defense cells.


Excellent remedy for Skin Issues:

People use lemon for skincare. Lemon juice gives a glow to the skin. Due to its antiseptic properties, it can be used to cure many skin related issues like wrinkles, blackheads, acne, and pigmentation. Daily use of one glass of lemon water will act as an anti-aging remedy and enhance the beauty of your skin. Applying lemon water on burns may fade scars and reduce the burning sensation. Lemon essential oil mixed with water and honey may help in curing eczema and reducing the urge to scratch.

Lemon contains citric acid; its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. With your finger or a cotton ball, apply fresh lemon juice on acne and leave it overnight. Wash with water the following morning. There may be an uncomfortable sensation of burning at first, but it will soon disappear.

Aids in dental care:

Applying fresh lemon juice on the areas of toothache will give relief in pain. Massaging lemon juice on gums can stop bleeding from the gums. It will also give relief from bad smell and other problems related to gums. Take care that you do not brush for at least half an hour after drinking lemon juice, applying, drinking, or rubbing lemon or oil on your teeth to protect teeth enamel.

Good for Weight Loss:

Yet another major benefit of lemon is that it facilitates weight loss. Mix lemon juice with Luke warm water and honey and consume it early in the morning for best results.

Vessel-strengthening properties:

Lemon oil is useful to get relief from varicose and spider veins. In case of spider vein problem mix 2-3 drops of lemon oil with jojoba, avocado, or almond oil in a small bowl and massage the affected area. To get relief from varicose veins problem, mix 6 drops of lemon oil with 50ml of wheat germ oil and 2 drops each of juniper and cypress oil. Gently massage your legs from bottom to top daily with this mixture. For vein and vessel-rejuvenating bath, add 8 drops of lemon oil in Luke warm water. Also, add one tablespoon of honey and 4 drops of cypress oil and blend all the ingredients properly.

varicose veins

Precautions: If you are an allergen to citrus, lemon oil, or suffering from heartburn, kidney or gall bladder problems, or any other serious health issue then consult your medical professional before using these remedies. 

(Remedies given here are for information purpose only and in no way substitute the medical advice of qualified medical practitioner for treatment)

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