Often people forget that pollution not only affects your health and skin but it also affects your hair! The harmful UV rays and chemical pollutants in the air damage your scalp, reduce the natural shine of your hair, increase frizz, etc., which lead to hair fall and hair damage. In order to protect hair from pollution, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned tips!

Protect hair from pollution!

Simple and effective ways to protect hair from pollution:

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely:

Take some time out of your busy schedule and observe your hair type and hair problems closely. Everyone is blessed with different hair types and everyone faces different hair issues. Hence, it is very important to choose shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. Using the wrong products on your hair can even worsen your hair condition and degrade the quality of your hair.

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Weekly Steam bath:

Pollution not only soaks moisture from your hair but also from your scalp. This leads to hair and scalp damage, hair thinning, hair loss, dry hair, etc. One of the ways to protect hair from pollution effects is to have a steam bath at least once a week. Interestingly, a steam bath aids in opening scalp pores and deeply washing off the harmful and minute pollutant particles. Moreover, it helps to retain moisture and encourages hair growth.

Eat more protein-rich food protect hair from pollution:

A secret to ‘always healthy hair’ is the right nourishment. Apart from good hair products your hair needs proper nourishment and nutrition to grow and stay healthy. Your hair needs protein to grow and consuming protein-rich food such as lentils, fish, eggs,  etc., will boost hair growth and make hair roots stronger.

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Avoid stepping out with oily hair protect hair from pollution:

When you go out with oily or greasy hair, more amount of dust particles and pollutants settle on your hair due to the stickiness. These pollutants can further lead to hair damage. Hence, avoid going outdoor after oil massage or with oily hair. Moreover, wash your hair regularly and keep your scalp clean and grease-free.

Take extra care of your hair:

Another way to protect hair from pollution is taking extra care! Make it a habit to follow simple and easy hair care tips. Do not leave your hair open while traveling and try to keep it covered with a stole or scarf. Use hair sprays, which lock the moisture of your hair and built a protective shield around it. In addition, also try to use a natural homemade hair mask for hair care at least once a week.

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